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We have been travelling around the world collecting audio and images for over a decade. Our goal is to create and offer immersive sound packs that allow you to recreate these spaces in your own project.

photo of Matt & Monique in Washington D.C.

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Matthew is a writer with an obsession for “the right word”, storytelling, and communicating big ideas in accessible ways. He’s a fierce advocate for the written and spoken word, striving to inform and support the voices of other creators in his role as a Communication and Content Specialist. As a sound designer, Matt also crafts soundscapes and edits dialogue for audiobooks and fictional podcast productions. He has lived all over the United States and travels with his wife and son in search of craft beer and great stories.


Photo of Monique

Monique is a Photographer, Research Consultant, Writer and Graphic Designer. As a co-founder of UberDuo, she strives to help people create immersive, professional podcasts and audio productions and documents the places and spaces UberDuo records. She provides in-depth research documentation and consultation, graphic design, script editing and proofreading services and has written and collaborated on a number of audio fiction productions and podcasts. She has a graduate degree in anthropology and archaeology, a passion for travel and an unquenchable curiosity.

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