Cover image featuring a log cabin in the woods

The Cabin

Recorded in New York’s Adirondack Mountains, The Cabin audio playset is the first in a series of immersive audio environment sound effects bundles designed to allow producers, sound designers and other post-production audio professionals to quickly and easily establish an immersive audio set design with minimal effort.

Hit the ground running with immersive reverb impulse responses for use with free and commercially available convolution reverb plugins. This playset features a collection of 89 high definition sound effects, ambiences, and includes 7 impulse responses including alternate listening perspectives from the main room. The Cabin includes The Fridge and The Woodstove audio prop sets and a small general sound effects library to enhance your audio environment.

The Cabin comes with everything you see here:
• 89 high definition sound clips
• 96 kHz, 24-bit mono and stereo WAV files
• 7 HD immersive audio impulse responses
• Impulse responses work with most major convolution reverb plugins
• Includes file lists and broadcast WAV compliant metadata
• Bonus Items: The Fridge & The Woodstove audio prop packs

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